Our Mission

  • To encourage the breeding of Picardy Spaniels by North American hunters, for North American hunters.

  • To promote education and the free exchange of information between breeders and among supporters of the breed.

  • To promote the proper care and training of Picardy Spaniels as companions and versatile gundogs.

  • To coordinate the placement of well-bred puppies whelped in North America and to assist in the placement of well-bred pups imported from Europe.

One of the main goals of NAPSA is to bring the breed to the attention of North American hunters, but our intention is not to make the breed "popular". The Picardy Spaniel is a gundog, mainly bred by and for hunters, and we want to keep it that way. Our intention is to establish a viable breeding population of Picardy Spaniels in the US and Canada by following stringent, science-based guidelines. We are dedicated to placing Picardy pups in the homes of hunters seeking an ideal companion for the field, forest and marsh.