Picardy Spaniels are powerfully-built gundogs with long tri-colored coats. 

Males and females are from 55 to 60cm in height with a tolerance of +2cm for males. Weight normally falls between 20 and 25kg.

Coat and Colour.
The coat is medium long, dense and slightly harsh. It is somewhat wavy on the body, with feathering on the legs and tail. The coat can vary from flat laying and relatively straight, to fairly long and even a bit curly. Some may even have a slight topknot.

The standard describes the color and pattern as grey mottling with brown patches, most often marked with tan on the head and limbs. The “grey” in the coat is actually a mix of white and brown hairs. Clear white spots or patches are considered faults. The characteristic tan points are usually on the sides of the face, above the eyes and on the limbs. The brown can vary from liver to a lighter, almost cinnamon color but should be well mixed with the “grey” in the coat. Too much brown is considered a fault and black is not allowed.

The Picardy Spaniel was developed in a region where a certain strength of character is required to get the job done. As a result, they tend to be somewhat tougher and more resilient than other French breeds. Some can even be a bit hard-headed. Nevertheless, they are still very French; affectionate, calm and easy to handle.

Most Picardy Spaniels also have enough natural ability that if their only training is lots of exposure to game in the field they will figure the rest out for themselves. The Picardy is an excellent breed for beginners. A high degree of prey drive and a naturally cooperative temperament combine to make them an easy dogs to train. 

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